Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am not alone

As many of you know, I live in North Alabama. This puts me in the area able to receive the Rick and Bubba Show on the radio. I hate commercials, so I change radio stations frequently. This morning, I flipped to 95.1 to avoid a commercial block, and Rick and Bubba were talking to James Spann about...wait for it...Global Warming.

Once I made it to a computer and could jack into the Internet, I looked him up. This man is a Meteorologist who does not believe in Man-made, Catastrophic Global Warming. He is currently in the middle of an argument with an employee of The Weather Channel over it.

If you have some time, checkout the background here, If you don’t have time to read all of that listen to these three podcasts from WeatherBrains:

Current Podcast
Episode 12 with Alabama State Climatologist John Christy
Episode 17 with Dr. William Gray of Colorado State University

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tii-i-i-ime, ain't on my side (no it ain't)

Okay time for another weekend mid-week roll-up.

New-Jersey considers allowing idiots to vote. This move would bring them up to date with the other 49 states which already allow idiots to vote, as should be obvious by election results. The State Senate President seems to be offended by the word idiot—I am offended by the idiots—though to be fair, the word has no place in a legal document such as a state constitution. Of course, it might be better if we could get the other 49 states to keep their idiots from voting as well.

This one confused me: a 28 year old Texas woman was sentenced to two and a half years in federal prison on the charge of “illegal use of a communication facility.” The Communication facility was the US postal service, and the illegal use? She mailed 78 pounds of pot to herself. (I am assuming she mailed it from El Paso to Amarillo, but it doesn’t say.) What I am confused about is what happened to the drug trafficking or possession with the intent to distribute charges (or is that okay as long as you don’t mail it)?

Do-it-yourself exterminating is deadly business as a Florida man and a German retiree learned.

The Florida man mixed an indoor fogger with WD-40 (an all-purpose lubricant) in order to kill bees. In the process his house caught fire. The German drove metal spikes into the ground and connected a 380 volt cable to them in an effort to kill the moles infesting his garden. This plan failed spectacularly when all he managed to kill was himself.

And finally, a burglary suspect tried to escape from New York police by hiding inside the county Sherriff’s office. On the bright side, he’ll be happy to know that when he gets out of jail he’ll be able to vote in New Jersey.

Until next time,
The trailer calleth

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Her head must be full of flour as well

I know I deal with a lot of stupidity in the news. I also know that the objects of my ridicule are often supporters of global warming and the legal system and those who abuse it. But, hey, it’s my blog, and that seems to be what is in the news.

In 2003 a woman was arrested in the Philadelphia International airport while transporting flour-filled condoms. She was imprisoned for three weeks while the substance in the condoms was analyzed. When the woman was released, she sued Philadelphia. Apparently her civil rights were violated.

Well, on the 5th of January a city official announced that the suit was settled for $180,000 (93,000 pounds), and I am torn. I can’t decide who is stupider here – the woman, the lawyers, or Philadelphia.

Let’s start with the woman (by the way, it would be just as stupid were it a man, so save the hate mail). What kind of idiot carries condoms filled with white powder in an international airport (except of course drug smugglers, terrorists, and moronic collegians)?

Now the lawyers. She shouldn’t have been able to get anyone to file that case or, for that matter, a judge to entertain it. What is wrong with our legal system? Do all lawyers trade their common sense for that diploma?

And do I even need to comment on Philadelphia? They settle out of court on a civil rights case that should never have been.

The only people who I won’t call stupid in this are the police officers who arrested this moron. They should be given a medal for protecting us from stupidity.

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I’ll be in my trailer.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Outback, Down-Under, and Upside-Down

If you have been reading from the beginning, then you know that “Global Warming” and its supporters are one on my pet peeves. So when I saw this article on climate change in Australia, I had to look. Sure enough, they mentioned greenhouse effect and “Global Warming” in the first sentence.

This is a subject that draws idiots like honey draws flies. Look at the fourth paragraph, a quote by the senior climatologist at the country’s Bureau of Meteorology. I have a lot of gall, but I don’t have as much as that man. Did he take a poll of every scientist in the world? The how the hell does he know what most scientist say on the subject.

I have two other issues with that statement.

The first: have you ever seen a room full of scientists agree on anything?

The second: Who cares what most scientists agree with? What do most Climatologists and meteorologists say? Who cares what the zoologists and botanists and nuclear physicists think? I hold Romulus Crowe’s opinions on parapsychology in high regard, but his thoughts on “Global Warming” are no more important than mine (even if he happens to agree with me) because his knowledge lies in other areas.

I will have to give Rob Taylor credit though, since he did report all of the info, like the fact that the average temperature is only 1 degree (Fahrenheit) higher that the historical average, and was only the eleventh warmest year since 1910, and the southeast of the country had a cooler year in 2006 (Average) than 2005.

So, once again, “Global Warming” though much touted either has no empirical proof, or is so surrounded by idiots that we just can’t see the truth (and with that thought, even I can admit the possibility of being wrong).

Incidentally, you can share your idiot stories (news or otherwise), by sending an email to victorallenwinters @ yahoo.com just remove the spaces.

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I’ll be in my trailer.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

All Apologies

I must apologize to Tom Sheepandgoats, Southern Writer, and everyone else who reads this. I went to visit my brother for Christmas in the woods of southeastern Michigan. With his useless dial-up internet connection, I didn’t even bother checking my email let alone attempting to Blog.
And before you ask, No, I did not make any New Year’s resolutions.

No stupidity for today, but I found this article on Yahoo about an Army officer who is refusing to go to Iraq on the basis that it is illegal. I emailed it to my brother, and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about it (Although, it may be faster for me to read it to him over the phone, than to wait for his stone-age internet connection to download the page).

You know where I’ll be.